Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Inspiration

So, here's the deal. The title of my blog comes from this book by Polly Horvath:

Nice cover, huh? well, I read the book the year it came out and HATED it. In fact, here's the review I posted on goodreads:

"I don't think I've ever read a book that frustrated me more. Horvath's writing is excellent, but, with few exceptions, her "quirky" characters are shallow, selfish, often mean-spirited, and not remotely realistic. Most frustrating, though, was that the story was told with such a somber nonchalance, as if it is perfectly natural for Jane to be blackmailed into babysitting, or for her to wonder which of a parade of strange men could be her father. The ending was sudden, highly improbable, and left too many unanswered questions. For me, this was just an annoying story of an easily-manipulated little girl and all the nasty people she meets."

See? Not a fan. Now, I've read other books by Polly Horvath and really enjoyed them, and I know other people who have LOVED this particular book. I think this was just a case of a bad match up between reader and book.

BUT the book gave me the most scathingly brilliant idea for a blog. I'm planning on re-reading my 100 favorite Young Adult and Middle Grade books (because I'm a children's library person and that's how I roll) and then coming up with an adventure inspired by each book. Something I've never done before, preferably something crazy.

So I'll be posting a review of the book (reasons why it's one of my 100 favorites) then I'll post about what adventure I'm planning to do, then a debriefing post about the success or failure of my mission.  And…I’ll probably post a few other mental meanderings about different things I’m doing and/or reading.

Sounds good to me. I hope you will come along on my crazy adventures.

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