Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adventure #1: Looking for Alaska

In the frigidly freezing 40-odd-degree weather, (don't judge, that's dang cold for a wimp like me) I grabbed my resident Pudge and had my first adventure.

On Pages 80-82 of my beat-up paperback copy of Looking for Alaska (by John Green, lest you forget) Alaska and Pudge make their way down to the soccer field at their boarding school whilst on Thanksgiving break, and, under the full moon, they drink pink wine while Alaska reads from Cat's Cradle. 

This, my friends, was the passage I chose to inspire my very first adventure.

As luck would have it, my own personal resident Pudge lives not half a mile from the local college. Said college was on spring break so it was nicely deserted just like the school in this particular passage of Looking for Alaska, so I gathered him up, along with some pink lemonade (wine is gross) in a fancy glass bottle, and a nice new copy of Cat's Cradle loaded onto my iPad. 

We tried to accomplish this mission on the night of the full moon but fate intervened and it rained torrents on that night.  The next night we fell asleep whilst waiting for it to become dark.  So this was our third try for this little adventure. Unfortunately, the moon was NOWHERE to be found on this particular night (which made me more than a little bit upset, but I adapted beautifully).  I was awfully thankful that I had chosen to bring my iPad instead of a paper copy of Cat's Cradle since there was NO light by which to read.

We meandered down to the college's soccer field, me in my too thin but bright yellow thrift store London Fog jacket (which I wore even though it *was* too thin because the drivers by this particular college are notoriously crazy and I figured bright yellow was the best I could do to show up in the dark), and he with his backpack containing our Pink Lemonade since he was scared a cop might drive by and wonder where we were going with the bottle that looked suspiciously like alcohol.

After bypassing the main soccer field for being too out in the open and full of signs like "FOR COLLEGE ATHELETICS ONLY" we went over to the intramural fields and sat by one of the goal, (is that what they're called in soccer?) gazed up at the invisible moon, drank pink lemonade right out of the bottle, and read Kurt Vonnegut.  I got through 3 chapters before I was too cold to turn the pages on my iPad.  So we took a picture.  This picture: (that's Looking for Alaska that I have clutched in my sweaty little hand)

and walked back.

Adventure status: successfully accomplished

Price of adventure: $3.99 for Cat's Cradle and $7 and some odd cents for the lemonade (it was special carbonated French-imported lemonade, but I had to get it because it looked the most like a bottle of wine.  It tastes like a $.89 bottle of Sprite, in case you were wondering).

Time of adventure: about 45 minutes.

In sumation, I think we did a fairly good job of replicating this portion of Looking for Alaska; I had a  fun time with this adventure, and it's caused me to really want to read the rest of Cat's Cradle.  On to adventure #2!

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