Monday, April 2, 2012

Currently Reading 4/2/12

Guess what?  I finished NO books this week.  Nada.  Zilch. Not-a-one; but I am STILL going to participate in Teach Mentor Text's

because I think it is Awesome.

 My co-worker says I have a condition she calls r.e.A.D.D., where I can't just read one book at a time but must have at least 5 going at once.  So, here are the books I am in the midst of as I type this (yes, I've read at least a portion of all of these books this last week):
The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1)The ReturningCode Name Verity
Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1)Life: An Exploded DiagramGrave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)Where the Sidewalk Ends

In order of how well I'm liking them I'll say it's:
1. The Hunger Games (natch)
2. Code Name Verity
3. Where the Sidewalk Ends
4. Grave Mercy
5. Cinder
6. Unspoken
7. Life: An Exploded Diagram
8. The Returning

I am having SUCH A HARD TIME getting through the last two, but I will write more about *that* when I finish the books, hopefully this week, but one never knows.

I am planning on finishing at least 6 of these this week (one can dream, right?) and moving on to:
Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute (Lunch Lady, #1) The Disenchantments Same Difference

and a reread of:
Solace of the Road

Unfortunately, I had a mix-up with A Very Babymouse Christmas, and someone else now has it checked out, but I will get to it as soon as it is in my grubby little hands!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, I am having a beast of a time getting into The Returning. What was the Printz committee thinking when thy selected it as an Honor book?

    I also have The Disenchantments in the wings.

    I decided to pass on the Mal Peet that you are reading right now, too, because of the length.

    If I am not a follower already, I am one now!

    1. I know what you mean about the Printz committee! I read so many books I loved last year that weren't named by them, yet they chose this book! oh, well.

  2. The r.e.A.D.D made me laugh out loud :) Kudos to you for being able to balance that many stories in your head at one time! Have a great week!

    1. haha, thanks! I'm not sure I absorb the stories as well as I would if I concentrated on one book at a time, though!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am relieved to hear Okay for Now is going to turn out okay! I am now a little nervous about The Knife of Never Letting Go-what on in the world is going to happen in the second half! BTW, BZRK is truly disturbing. In a mind-blowing awesome kind of way, of course. I am a bit of a Michael Grant fanatic though. I kind of love him. I am off to see if I ordered Code Name Verity for my library.

    1. Most people I know adore the Knife of Never Letting Go; I just got too attached to one of the characters (which shows what a good writer Ness is). Bzrk sounds so good!

  4. So glad to know I'm in such GREAT company! I almost always have 4 or 5 books going at the same time. It drives my friends crazy that I can keep them all straight! Same Difference intrigued me. Will have to seek that title out!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, reading, and commenting too!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by *my* blog too!
      I'm glad to know I have some great company as well. My coworkers always laugh when they ask what I'm reading and I rattle off 5-10 titles.
      Same Difference was wonderful! I definitely recommend it.

  5. I have lots of books going at one time, too. I get extra excited about books and then I have them all over the house and when I want to read, I grab what's convenient. I'm in the middle of Wonder on audio but it was in my car so while I was making dinner tonight I popped in First Part Last...which means now I'm in the middle of both of them. Sometimes this makes me feel like I'm not getting anywhere with books...but then all of a sudden I'll finish a bunch all at once. Not entirely sure what this is all about...

    I love Hunger Games. It gets me excited to know someone is reading it for the first time. When I saw Same Difference, all I can think of is my cousin. When I was in jr. high she used to say, "Same dif" all the time and it used to drive me nuts! Too funny to see that as a book title. Good luck with finishing your half dozen books!

    1. This is actualy my second time reading The Hunger Games, but I've forgotten so much it's practically like the first time, haha!
      Glad to know there are at least some other people who like to keep several books going at once.
      I have a feeling that next week is going to be one of those when I finish a whole bunch at once!

  6. I am reading Hunger Games too! I tend to read more history/philosophy/theology than fiction. However, when fiction is good, I will have it read within 2 days.

    1. That's cool! I hope the Hunger Games is a 2-day-read for you :)I love the book.

  7. Thank you for still participating- it is pretty awesome that you can be reading that many books at once. I am not able to do that.
    Is this your first time reading Hunger Games? Enjoy it! I am always so excited for someone reading it for the first time. How is the Siobhan Dowd book you are going to reread? I've read London Eye, but that is all by her.

    Happy reading this week! :)

    1. I LOVE participating in this meme! This is actually my second time reading The Hunger Games, but I have a horrible memory and have forgotten most all of the story. Siobhan Dowd is my favorite YA author, and I think all her books are excellent, but my very favorite is Bog Child.


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