Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heroes Bracelet


I had so much fun making this book cover bracelet, that I thought I would give it another go, but this time with a different theme.  Thus, I present my Women I Admire Bracelet:

I bought the base at my lovely local craft store and just cut out head shots and Mod Podged them on (did you know that ModPodge is a verb, hmmm?)  Anyway, I like this base better than my book bracelet one as this one has a metal back so it's sturdier.  here are the pictures I used, can you guess who they all are? (Click on each picture for more info about the woman)
Pinned Image
This one is easy
Pinned Image
This is the hardest one
Pinned Image
Well, this one says who it is right on the bottom of the picture ooops!
Pinned Image
Wish I had the wherewithal to live like her
Pinned Image
The bunny rabbit she's holding kind of gives it away...
More fun with Mod Podge coming ahead this week.  I am the self'-declared Queen of the Mod Podge!

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