Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Giving Tree Week: Day #6 by Rebecca Huddleston

Today's post is by my friend, an intermediate school librarian, Rebecca Huddleston.

The Giving Tree was never a favorite of mine when I was young.  When I re-read it several weeks ago, this time well into the second trimester of what will be our first child, I had the hormonally-driven inclination to see it as a story about a parent's love and selflessness to a child.  By the end, however, I realized that it's still exactly what I always thought -- just a really sad story about selfless giving and selfish taking and lack of gratitude...not the picture I want for parental love and sacrifice.  Truly, it seems to be an unhealthy, unfulfilled relationship on both sides.  As such, I guess the best use of The Giving Tree from my perspective is that it can be used to teach personification in 6th grade language arts classes at my school.

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