Thursday, June 13, 2013

TSRP Kick-Off 2013

The theme for the Teen Summer Program this year is GROUNDBREAKING READS.  I thought, for my kick-off this year, I would do a sort of gnome theme.  Here's what the decor looked like:

(that is me working on the grass)

I made the picket fence by cutting out pickets of cardboard and covering them with white paper.

I picked up the gnomes for clearance at Kroger.  The mushrooms, I made just by paper macheing a plastic bowl on top of an oatmeal container and painting it.  

The grass, of course, is just cut up construction paper.  A coworker cut out the birds and made the awesome flowers.  Here are some close ups:

all she did to make the flowers was draw a spiral on a piece of cardstock, cut it out, and hot glued it together while curving it around itself.  Easy Peasy!

here is what the room looked like

I had gnome craft handouts for all the kids when they entered the room, a gnome marionette, gnome finger puppets, gnome bowling, gnome paper dolls, and a gnome mobile!

check them out from this website here

I had a table where the teens could sign up for all the summer events

including book clubs
where gnomes peeked out from among the books!

then I had a table where they could make a paper gnome like these:

and here is the one I made!

Next I had a table where they could make a gnome hat and beard like this:
(that is me)

Then they decorated gnome hat cookies

and made mini gnomes out of Hershey kisses: 

then they could make a gnome snack (which was just a slice of apple on top of a marshmallow on a stick made to look like a mushroom)

(that is the fiance who is awesome and volunteered to help at the program)

I had some tables up where they could register for the Summer Reading Program online:

and, finally, I had gnome bowling set up for them to play!

we had a great time and registered almost 50 teens!

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