Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Youth Services Cave

So this is how our Youth Services department normally looks:

and this is how it looks for Summer Reading this year:


We built a cave in Youth Services!

Here's some images of the back: 

and the side:

and the inside:

they are a bit hard to see, but we also have bats hanging all around the ceiling of YS:

here are some pictures of the construction, basically we put up a wooden frame then stapled cardboard to the frame, then crumpled up LOADS of brown paper and stapled that to the cardboard.  Finally we sponged some brown paint over the top to give it texture.  The roof was made of chicken wire covered in brown paper.  It was a long night of working (we did it when the library was closed) but it was super fun!  The kids are LOVING it, and they have been treating it very gently which makes us all happy!

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