Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Citizens update #1

So, I got through the 20 pages of Preface, the Prologue, and to page 30 of the actual book.  Not bad for me!

The Preface was awfully confusing to me at first, as it was mostly a history of the way in which historians have written about the Revolution, and how this author would format his take (narrative!  biographies!).

The Prologue was interesting in how it talked about the large white plaster elephant that was erected on the sight of the Bastille, and that elephant's ultimate inglorious demise.  Then he got to talking about Lafayette and Tallyrand in their later years and completely lost me.

So far, the 10 pages of chapter one I have read have been young Tallyrand, young Lafayette, and old Voltaire, and, while interesting enough, have not taught me much I did not already know about the men.  So, I am plugging along but not very engrossed in this mammoth tome as of yet.

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