Sunday, December 1, 2013


An idea was born Thanksgiving evening, one that I had absolutely no part in creating (I was busy cooking for 8+ hours), but which I am pleased as punch to join in with now.

Colby Sharp (who DID have a part in creating it) explains it here.

Basically, the idea is to commit to a nerdy resolution for a mere 50 days.  I think even I can do something for 50 days!  Once these 50 days are up, the thing will hopefully be a habit.

So, here are my nerdlutions:

1. Play one of my musical instruments (piano, guitar, banjo, or ukulele) every day.

2. Read every day.

3. Post on one of my blogs every day.

The Nerdy Book Club is a great online community and I am excited to participate in such a fantastic idea!

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