Monday, January 6, 2014

The Seventh Seal x 50

A great blogger I follow began something he calls "Nerdlutions" which here means a conglomeration of NERDY and RESOLUTION.  Here is his post about it.  I thought it was a fun idea, so I created a few nerdlutions myself: average sort of ones like reading every day, practicing an instrument, and posting on one of my blogs.  You can read about that here if you so choose.  These are all fine and dandy, but don't really have near enough Black Whimsy about them for my satisfaction.  So I have made an additional vow: I will watch the Black Whimtastic film The Seventh Seal (Directed by the Swedish Master Ingmar Bergman) every day for 50 days from Monday, December 2nd until Monday, December 20th.  I am currently one week in and have not tired of it yet!

Now, this may seem a silly goal to you, but I see this film as a Piece of Art and I want to do my best to UNDERSTAND it.  I think it's utterly impossible to understand what Bergman is saying in any of his films on one viewing (unless, perhaps, if you are MUCH smarter than I am).  Maybe 50 is overdoing it, but, c'mon, anything worth doing is worth beating into the ground, right?  I plan to periodically write blog post working through my thoughts on WHY this film is so great and WHAT makes it Black Whimsy.

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