Monday, January 6, 2014

Farm Anatomy

I was perusing the farming section at my local bookstore, and I discovered this gem of a book:

I opened it and saw illustrations like these:

even a page on Angora Rabbits!!

So, of course, I simply HAD to buy it.  It was published two years ago, but is still widely available.  I have been slowly reading it, savoring and studying each page.  There's a lot of good information in here, even though, of course, it really is all about the gorgeous drawings.

Anthropology even has dish towels that are illustrations from the book!

My favorite part is the recipes.  This past weekend, I tried this recipe for BORSCHT:

It was utterly fantastic!

SO MANY yummy vegetables.  

The rolls were homemade too, but not from this book.  Here's the link to the recipe (I seriously just googled fabulous homemade bread and this was the first thing that came up.  I'm hardly deliberate about choosing recipes).

Let me warn you, though, it makes a TON OF ROLLS and the recipe just barely fits in a stand mixer.  I made an utter mess whilst making these, but, when you taste them, you will forget all the mess.  Until you have to clean it up, of course!

Anyway, back to the subject, it's an utterly delightful book and well worth owning, whether or not you're in to homesteading.

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