Friday, January 3, 2014

Must Read Titles of 2014

Two awesome people, Maria and Carrie, started a conversation that turned into a wonderful hashtag: #MustRead2014.  The idea is to come up with titles that you will definitely read this year.  Of course, you will probably read MORE than these titles, but these are the titles you know of that you most want to cross of your TBR list.

you can join and link up at Carrie's site here as well as see other awesome people's lists!

I also discovered that the Gathering Books blog is doing a very similar thing called Check Off Your Reading List Challege.  You can investigate that further here.

I have decided to join!  I had over 1400 books on my To-read shelf on goodreads, so getting that down to a number I could manage in one year was quite a challenge.  I decided I needed a theme.  So in 2014, in addition to trying to finish up the 5 or so Printz books I've yet to read, I want to concentrate on reading fantasy and scifi by women authors, especially YA fantasy and scifi and finishing up series I have started, (even if it means rereading the first book in the series!)

Here's my list of 33 titles:


  1. I am excited that you are going to read both of these Laini Taylor titles - I just read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and need just a little convincing to pick up the next ones in the series! Thanks for joining us! Great theme!

  2. Make sure you tell us what you're reading as you start each book. Some of these I may scrap other plans and read along with you :)

  3. The list looks great. I know what you mean about having a themed reading, that is precisely one of the reasons why we have featured bimonthly themes over at GatheringBooks! I'd probably add more to my list now that I've seen yours. Welcome to both reading challenges!

  4. What a great list of titles you have here, most of the books here are actually found in my own bookshelves - and it inspries me to read throigh them this year. Particularly the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell title - good luck with that one, that's pretty thick. We should do a virtual book club with that title to get us tor eally read it. I also have Alif the Unseen which I plan to read this year too. I have quite a number of Ursula LeGuin books that I need to also crack open soonest. :) Good luck on the challenge, and thanks for joining us! :)


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